About Us

Dew Only is the first brand in the UAE and in the Entire World to source all Mountain Dew Flavors from the US, UK, Finland, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, & Canada to sell in one place. People living outside of these countries only have the Original Mountain Dew flavor. Which inspired our Founder Khaled to get all these flavors in one place to ship globally to Dew Enjoyers. We try our best to get all the Flavors available in Dew Only even the Limited Editions that aren't even sold in stores. Dew Only, only sources their Mountain Dew from Trusted PepsiCo Distributors which guarantee the customer getting the best taste when they take a sip from the 15+ flavors we offer.


Whether you want to fill up your fridge or want to bring some new Mountain Dew Flavors for your business. You can always get it for the best prices guranteed in the UAE!

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  • All flavors available in 12 packs!

  • From all over the world like Malaysia!

  • In 12 packs & 24 Packs!